The history of Nythun:

In 1947 Reidar Nythun bought a piece of land at Kruk in Valdres, near the family's summer farm. He earned the capital for this initial investment by ploughing fields on the surrounding farms. By 1949 a small red cafe had been completed.

By 1954 the cafe had been extended with six bedrooms, a diningroom and a lounge. Reidun came along in 1957 to hire the lodge from Reidar. They were soon an item and continued running Nythun as a small family hotel. The home-cooked meals were their trade-mark from the very beginning.

In 1994 their daughter Marit and her husband Jørn took over as hosts at Nythun. They have continued developing and carefully expanding the hotel in order to accommodate an increasing number of guests.

Reidar Nythun in front of NythunOld photo of NythunReidun and Reidar Nythun